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Hi, thanks for such an inspirational blog! In the beginning I was wondering how you fit in time to exercise (I imagine after a while it became a habit)? Were you doing 2 - 3hrs of exercise (ballet + running + yoga) since the beginning of your weightloss journey? Also, just wondering if you pack your food when you go to school? thanks!

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Hello my love!

Great question. Time management is the trickiest part. For those who are really busy, it’s a skill that takes time and effort to develop. 

Keep in mind, 2-3 hours was NOT intense exercise. Those are causal numbers that highlight how ACTIVE I was through out the day. It was never 2 hours of cardio or strength, it would be a gentle yoga class paired with a an hour of ballet, which included lots of stretching and gentle movements. :)

I built these things into my life, plain and simple! I took a ballet class in school, getting graded and credit for my attendance and participation. There. Done, an easy, mandatory way of getting some extra movement into the day. I started volunteering once aweek at a yoga studio in exchange for free unlimited yoga. You would be surprised at the psychology behind getting something for free and the amount you choose to do it. In short, I was there almost every day and loving every second. 

Lastly, in regards to running, this is one that I learned to love and genuinely want to do. It took about a year, but soon running became a release; an outlet, where I never consider it an exercise. 

I think the common trend here, is that if it doesn’t FEEL like you’re dragging yourself to the gym to kill yourself on machines, then you’re way more likely to want to move, and ultimately you’ll reap the benefits of investing yourtime in things that you love.

I actually live at school! I’m an RA in a first year building on campus, so I get free food at the dining center! So no, I don’t pack my own food most of the time, though occasionally I will go to the grocery store for certain essentials that I like to have in my room! And tea, of course.   


Hope that was helpful to you, sweetness!


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Residence is the best!

Res rodeo 2014! 

University/ dorm fitness

I just took 7 of my students to the campus gym for the first time,and they were so excited! They’re all international students,so they’re extra excited and have a million questions. 

We’re looking to put together an intramural volleyball team, and there is a ton of interest in “res bootcamp” that starts on monday. They’ve been bugging me about starting a cross country running group, and there’s lots of questions about how to eat healthy on campus.

Health is contagious,and I’m so happy to be able to share my knowledge and inspiration with the students on my floor. So much support! :)

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The Seasonal Moons Mean and symbols.

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wow! I’ve been so busy with training( for residence advisors), move in( So much fun) and getting to know my floor/ participating and co-ordinating orientation week! It’s been full, exhausting and a blast!

My floor is all international students, and they are so enthusiastic, wonderful and full of spirit! They want to see, hear and taste everything- so events this week have been super fun. We did bubble soccer yesterday, and there’s a dance party tonight. I’m going all out with dressing up-you can be sure of that. 

The running trails are beautiful around campus and I plan on taking a group of my students down to the duck pond for a run, which is a lovely little 5 km. I think it’s a great way to introduce freshmen about how to be healthy and well while in university. Campus food is pretty sub par, however, it’s totally possible to navigate and find some jems. There’s a make your own sandwich place, which has tons of healthy options and they make their own bread! There’s also a parfait and salad bar, which are a wise choice in nourishing your body and mind for classes and all the activities that take place in frosh week. 

I’d also love to introduce my floor to yoga- there are lots of opportunities around campus to get involved with that, and I think it would be a fun and beneficial thing for them to experience. Especially with all the craziness that comes with moving across the world to go to an international university. These kids are so brave- I have so much respect and admiration for them. I think it takes so much courage to leave home( and country) to explore another place for school, all by yourself. 

I’m just loving this, the community, my team, my floor, even the 4 am bed times. 

And as soon as things slow down, I’ll be much more active on this sweet little tumblr site of ours!


love and light!